Haus Kato is an independent graphic design studio based in Basel, founded by Samira Liebendörfer and Dominik Denzler. With a typographic background, we combine design and individually tailored web programming in one. For our clients with a commercial and cultural background, we also develop corporate designs, editorial design, and books as well as offering art direction. We work conceptually and leave ample room for experiments. Our interests connect the accidental and the intuitive with clear approaches to the solution. In regular exchange, we develop a set of rules that is responsive to the requirements, seeking to achieve suitable solutions, mostly by means of reduction. When necessary, we consult with a network of other experts in the field of visual communication.

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Web Design and Programming
Corporate Design
Art Direction
Editorial and Book Design

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Cultural Promotion: We are closely connected to the local cultural scene and businesses. Most of our clients come from the creative sector. For selected projects, we are happy to offer a cultural discount, thereby meaningfully and sustainably supporting individual artists, art projects, or cultural institutions.

Selected Clients: Abteilung Kultur Basel-Stadt, Ariane Koch und Sarina Scheidegger, Atelier für Architektologie, Axanto AG, Berner Fachhochschule, Bosco Möbel, Bossard & Geiser GmbH, deuxpiece, DOCK Archiv, Diskurs- und Kunstraum, Dr. Kuckucks Labrador, Förderverein Neues Orchester Basel, Gabriel Heusser, Gymnasium Bäumlihof Basel, Institut für Drohnenarbeit, Kunsthalle Basel, Menke, Musikschule Riehen, Pferdeosteopathie Südostschweiz, PlueerSmitt, Rotreva GmbH, Simon Denzler, SOL Management Solutions AG, Sommer & Sons, Summe, Vereinigung des Mittelbaus der PH FHNW

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Angebot — Beschrieb
Angebot — Beschrieb

Webdesign and Programming: We specialize in the conception, design, implementation, and support of websites. Our services cover everything from the transfer of an existing website into a modern CMS, to a complete web redesign. We also specialize in the customized execution of all backend programming. Thus we respond flexibly to customer requirements and are able to efficiently automate processes.

Corporate Design: The needs and requirements of the company are analyzed in close collaboration with the client. From this exchange, we derive foundational parameters for the design, from the logo to the overall appearance. After being applied to the required media, the corporate design is made visible and effective to the outside world.

Art Direction: We develop the interplay between layout, image, and color scheme for cross-media projects as an orchestrated vision from concept through realization. Depending on the requirements, additional experts from the field of visual communication are called in for consultation.

Editorial and Book Design: For various content types we determine a suitable format and medium. We develop and define the layout, visual language, typography, and format. The whole work is unified by a consistent visual language.

Typography: Our studio specializes in typography. Thus, we attach great importance to the careful matching of fonts and format with the required application. In order to accurately communicate the vision and nature of a company, brand, or person, it is necessary to use fonts that unmistakably convey the identity.

Imprint: Haus Kato GmbH, Basel, Copyright: All contributions and imagery published on our website are protected by copyright. © 2022

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